Over 25 years experience in finding homes for tenants

To Rent

We have over 25 years experience in finding homes for tenants and with such a wide variety of options, we can do the same for you.

We understand that investing in a property is an important decision to make and our experienced consultants will offer you all the support you need while you come to your decision. Call us today to find out more and begin exploring your options.

If you are a landlord, looking to find suitable tenants for your property, ICP is just the company you are looking for. Already, many landlords choose ICP to help them find people to rent out their commercial and residential properties and you could too. We strive to find the best tenants for you, removing all the stress and hassle for you.

Perhaps you are having difficulty in renting your property, in which case, we are able to provide maintenance services to fix any problems including checking the gas and electricity to ensure that they are safe.

We have tried and tested plumbing and heating engineers who take pride in their work and complete their work to the highest standard. ICP can also provide boiler repairs, gardeners and electricians to get the property in the best possible condition for rental. Most importantly, we have highly skilled in-house builders who will complete the work needed quickly and effectively to repair your property, keeping your costs down without compromising on the result. At the end of it all, we are more than confident that we can find a reliable and trustworthy tenant for you.

However many properties you have to your name, being a landlord is not easy. That's why ICP is here to help so you can concentrate on the big picture. With our large array of services, from maintenance works to finding the perfect tenant, it is little wonder do many landlords already rely on us. And we are just a phone call away from helping you too!