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ICP Money

ICP’s money service is extremely useful and unique our company. We aim to assist you in sending money safely and easily from the UK to areas all over the world, specialising in countries such as the UAE, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many in Europe.

This is an option which lots of people take advantage of for a straight-forward transfer of funds assisted by an experienced team of professionals.

Perhaps you need to send money to a loved one living in another country or are moving abroad. Whatever the reason we can help guide you through this process which can seem daunting at first glance.

With helpful, practical advice from an expert, you can’t go wrong by choosing ICP to assist you.

The aim of this service is to reduce the stress and strain that often comes with such complicated processes. Here at ICP we understand that you have enough to worry about in life without adding money issues to that list.

So let us help make your life as easy as it can be for you by taking away some of the difficulties.

In addition to this fabulous and unique service, we operate a bureau de change so if you are going on holiday, we can change your pounds to the currency you need easily and quickly.

Call us today or visit our office (see the contact page for details) to find out more about this fabulous and unique service.